Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (Malaysian)

- Application for Semester 1, Session 2024/2025 is now OPEN until 29 March 2024 (Phase 1).

1) Applications must be submitted online at

  • The application is open for applicants with STPM / Matriculation / STAM / Diploma or equivalent.
  • Candidates must obtain a unique ID number from BSN outlets all over Malaysia. 

2) Choose Programme(s).



Universiti Malaya Open Channel (SATU) (Malaysian)

- Application for Semester 1, Session 2024/2025 is now OPEN until 23 September 2024.
- The application fee is RM300.

1) Registration: Applicants must create an account via and proceed to create a new application. Once registered, they should log in and select “CONTINUE” under the “Unsubmitted Application” tab in the Admission section.

2) Program Selection: Applicants should select their preferred undergraduate program by choosing “Citizen” as their nationality, “Universiti Malaya's Open Channel (SATU)” as the mode of implementation, and “Undergraduate: Universiti Malaya's Open Channel (SATU)” as the level of study. This will display a list of 78 programs offered via Saluran SATU. Applicants can search for their desired program by adding specific keywords, such as “data,” to the search bar.

3) Confirmation of Program Selection: After selecting the desired program, applicants should proceed to apply by clicking the “APPLY” button.

4) Personal Details: Applicants are required to provide their personal particulars in the designated fields and click “SAVE & CONTINUE” upon completion.

5) Next of Kin Details: Applicants must also provide details of their next of kin in the designated fields. If applicable, they should click “ADD ANOTHER NEXT OF KIN” to include additional kin. Upon completion, they should click “SAVE & CONTINUE.”

6) Academic Qualifications: Applicants should provide information on their academic qualifications, including selecting the appropriate qualification, year, and grades for SPM/O-Level/IGCSE, and providing necessary information for STPM/STAM/Matriculation/Foundation/High School/Diploma/A-level/Others. They must obtain final results and upload certificates/transcripts. Applicants should also select an English Level Proficiency test, provide the corresponding score, and upload the certificate.

7) Other Preferred Programs: Applicants may add up to three additional preferred programs if they wish.

8) Submission and Payment: Applicants are required to pay a processing fee of RM300 and save the receipt for future reference. They must also read and tick the appropriate boxes in the “Declaration” and “Disclaimer” sections before clicking “SUBMIT” to complete their application.



Bachelor's Degree Programmes (International)

- Application for Semester 1, Session 2024/2025 is now OPEN until 30 August 2024.
- The application fee is RM300.

1) Applications must be submitted online through our application portal at

2) Choose Programme(s).

3) Complete your application - Personal details, academic qualifications, etc.

4) Upload documents - Passport, photo, academic transcript, certificate etc.

5) Pay the processing fee via Payment Gateway FPX, Debit/ Credit Card, Flywire.

6) Submit your application and receive acknowledgement of your application via email.

7) Check the application status on the application portal.

8) Accept the offer on the application portal.